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SIXBRANDS is a nascent ambitious project to build sustainable clusters of 6-brands with an agenda: to do greater good to humanity, especially, under-privileged kids. Its brand essence is to ‘Change Lives’ funded by commercial success. Do we need your patron because of this ideal? NO. The concept shall stand on its own. It must not need charity. It needs solid strategies, execution, and resources. That we immediately do, everyday. What have we started?


What and Who for?

This is a career mentoring program for anyone with a talent - this means everybody - including you. And anyone who is committed to the hardwork to make it happen - this means only a few - may or may not be you.

What makes Heart & Career different and effective?

It starts with identifying your talent. Your talent is where your heart lies in a career. It is what you do best, easily. Which means hardwork is a not an issue. The mentoring sets the trajectory course - we call it your career flight path - you do the hardwork we help you fly. We don’t mentor you from theory: we mentor from an experienced-based advisory. From keeping focus to building relationship capital. To build a successful career it is not just ‘what you know’ and ‘who you know’: you need to carefully build a sponsorship of ‘who likes you’ - in particular, the bosses, team, reports, and mentors who matter. Join us for a most rewarding and successful career journey: yours. Many already have. Get your career wings.


What and Who for?

For the entrepreneur and marketing & planning executive who is looking to get the business onto hyper-growth.

What makes Hire Knowledge different and effective?

It is a Rock, Sand, and Beer approach. But many businesses do it the other way round: hitting the consumer with the ‘Beer’ (Advertising & Promotions) getting some short-term gains and confusing it with long-term strategy. We insist you have the foundations of your business built in the right order with the correct material. How did we arrive at our foundation approach? It is from 20 years of hands-on experience in business strategy, branding, and go-to-market execution with international brand owners; as well as consulting to MNC’s and mentoring dozens of entrepreneurs. We call it Experienced-based Mentoring & Advisory. Once you have out the foundations in place you will be mentored and coached through online Clinics: we focus, prioritise, analyse, strategise and get answers - it’s hands-on. Go hyper-drive. Sign up for our newsletter HyperDrive and get a most interesting real insider brand case study, Free.




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